The Blockchain Revolution

All the trust and security associated with Blockchain applied to your digital product listing.

It's All About Trust

Blockchain is a revolutionary new way of storing data. Every interaction with the data is added and stored in a "block" of data that is "chained" to other relevant blocks in a "ledger" in a secure, unchangeable way. It creates a permanent, immutable record that ensures data is authentic and tamper-proof.

This means that important data - like your financial and product transactions, shipping agreements, payment terms, and product authenticity - is always trustworthy.

More than Bitcoin

The terms "Bitcoin" and "blockchain" are often used interchangeably, but they're not the same. Bitcoin uses the blockchain technology as an underpinning to keep track of all the transactions associated with Bitcoin.

Inxeption uses blockchain to do something that has never been done - operate an eCommerce platform that brings buyers and sellers together in a trusted manner.

The Trusted Transaction

Our system brings together a trusted and verified buyer and a trusted and verified seller together in a transaction. Order details, delivery details, payment details, product specification (at time of order), product provenance, warranty information (at time of order), and maintenance schedules all recorded in an immutable record that can be referenced and relied upon for all time.

Information without Investigation

With the product history, product details, buyer information, transaction terms, and buyer/seller interaction all recorded on the blockchain, both the buyer and the seller have an unprecedented amount of accurate and trusted information at their fingertips.

The Product Catalog

Product information is constantly in flux. Product specifications, variations, and certifications can change on an almost daily basis. Making sure that the appropriate product information is updated and communicated to the various people in the company and to all the appropriate outsiders is a major organizational challenge. Considering that each organization deals in a multitude of products, the challenge is exacerbated.

The Product Ledger

With Inxeption, we have created the product ledger to keep everyone inside the company and outside the company on the same page. Using the product ledger blockchain, each change to the product is stored in a block and chained together with previous transactions to present a complete and accurate product history.

Protected Pricing

In all organizations, the price list is a living document. As such, it is not always communicated effectively in a timely manner to all interested parties, including distributors, resellers, and end buyers. Pricing may fluctuate for a wide variety of reasons, including updates to terms, changing manufacturing costs, shipping rates, and competitive discounts. It's vital that the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information is disseminated across appropriate constituencies.

The Dynamic Price Sheet

With Inxeption, pricing is confirmed, agreed upon, and stored in a blockchain. That process creates a positive record of who received the pricing and when the new pricing was received. This, in turn, removes errors and confusion caused by incorrect pricing.

Inxeption protects special pricing from unauthorized users, which maintains the integrity of contractual agreements.