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Inxeption provides a powerful set of eCommerce Tools to supercharge your online offering.

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You have an eCommerce website. You are selling online. You can track your progress... what's not to smile about?

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Where beautiful form meets powerful Function

We offer beautiful, optimized eCommerce website templates ready to go. Just pick your template, customize it with your branding, colors, and content, then share it with the world.

Our eCommerce website templates have been designed from the ground-up to optimize performance and maximize your B2B selling potential. Mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, Google AdWords compatible, and of course... beautiful. Just pick what you want, add your text and branding, then use Inxeption's product management tools to specify which of your products you want to sell online.

Familiar with WordPress? We also offer WordPress templates that sport all the same great Inxeption functionality paired with WordPress' built-in site management systems.

Already have a website you want to use? Our product and Supercart integrates seamlessly with your existing site with minimal effort needed.

It's in the Details

Leverage our Product Digitization tools to burn those old paper catalogs and sell your products online.

Your products need to be the star of your site, and with Inxeption they are always displayed center-stage. Every detail, variant, and option you might want to communicate can be captured in our system then instantly pushed live to your website.

Photos, diagrams, downloadable documents, reviews, special pricing options, custom "sticker" overlays, and so much more can be made available to your customers on-the-fly.

B2B Online Shopping Simplified

It's never been so easy to drive product sales online.

With Inxeption you get the ease and power of our integrated Supercart. Although our technology supports purchase orders, financing terms, and tokenized transactions, it's still as easy as a button click for your customers to make a purchase.

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Take Orders Using Our Industrial-Strength Supercart

A "shopping cart" might be fine for simple consumer shopping, but there has never been a good solution for the more robust needs in the B2B market... until now.

Inxeption offers more than just a cart. Our online transaction processing handles credit cards of course, but so much more as well.

Process Purchase Orders. Allow your approved customers to purchase from you by entering their PO numbers into the crate at time of purchase.

Reduce friction and give your customers the option to set up financing on their orders.

Apply Discounts in the checkout flow, create discount codes, and let your customers simply input the code for a per-order deal.

And unlike any other payment solution out there, Inxeption's secure blockchain technology makes it possible to buy and sell goods and services within the Inxeption network using tokenized transaction between vendors.

Receive Ongoing Feedback About Your Products And Sales

A single console to manage your online sales.

The Inxeption application is your main hub for everything from seeing your online marketing in action, to updating product information, to viewing your orders. And because Inxeption is built on - and secured by - our blockchain technology, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your information is secure.

Dashboard Metrics Include:

Know the keywords that are bringing in the most customers.

Watch your monthly sales next to your monthly ad spend.

View a map of where your customers are located.

See the products you are selling the most.

Monitor your real-time interactions with customers.

Know how long your customers are browsing on your websites.

See your orders happening online, update your order status and be notified when a fraudulent credit card is used.

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