Jan 16, 2019 - Inxeption announces that UPS (NYSE:UPS) Strategic Enterprise fund has made an equity investment in the company.

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Inxeption is an industrial-strength eCommerce platform, built on Blockchain, that places product at the center of your organization.

You're seeing the new reality of how successful companies will market and sell their products online.

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Industrial Strength eCommerce

Inxeption provides a single, visual, and intelligent platform to promote, sell, and manage your products and services online

Start with one of our eCommerce website templates, then sell online with Inxeption's industrial-strength Purchase CrateTM designed for B2B eCommerce. Optimize your online selling campaigns through our timely analytics and management tools, and integrate your online offering through our easy to use product digitization features.

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Blockchain That Means Business

Each change to the product is stored to Inxeption's blockchain to present a complete, accurate, and immutable product history.

Our blockchain brings together verified buyers and sellers with an ease never before seen in a B2B transaction. Orders, deliveries, payments, product specifications... it's all recorded in an immutable record that can be referenced and relied upon.

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The Product LedgerTM

Paper catalogs are a thing of the past. Inxeption enables you to digitize your product information to help drive all aspects of your business.

We know how difficult and painful it is to keep accurate and timely product information. Inxeption makes it easy to keep all that information accurate and at your fingertips to help drive profitable customer relationships and make smart business decisions.

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Industrial Strength eCommerce

Inxeption provides a powerful set of eCommerce Tools to supercharge your online offering.

Build a powerful, next-generation ecommerce selling machine in 3 easy steps

Get an amazing
ecommerce website fast

Where beautiful form meets powerful Function

We offer beautiful, optimized eCommerce website templates ready to go. Just pick your template, customize it with your branding, colors, and content, then share it with the world.

Our eCommerce website templates have been designed from the ground-up to optimize performance and maximize your B2B selling potential. Mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, Google AdWords compatible, and of course... beautiful. Just pick what you want, add your text and branding, then use Inxeption's product management tools to specify which of your products you want to sell online.

Familiar with WordPress? We also offer WordPress templates that sport all the same great Inxeption functionality paired with WordPress' built-in site management systems.

Already have a website you want to use? Our product and Purchase Crate integrates seamlessly with your existing site with minimal effort needed.

It's in the Details

Leverage our Product Digitization tools to burn those old paper catalogs and sell your products online.

Your products need to be the star of your site, and with Inxeption they are always displayed center-stage. Every detail, variant, and option you might want to communicate can be captured in our system then instantly pushed live to your website.

Photos, diagrams, downloadable documents, reviews, special pricing options, custom "sticker" overlays, and so much more can be made available to your customers on-the-fly.

B2B Online Shopping Simplified

It's never been so easy to drive product sales online.

With Inxeption you get the ease and power of our integrated Purchase Crate. Although our technology supports purchase orders, financing terms, and tokenized transactions, it's still as easy as a button click for your customers to make a purchase.

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Take Orders Using Our Industrial-Strength Purchase Crate

A "shopping cart" might be fine for simple consumer shopping, but there has never been a good solution for the more robust needs in the B2B market... until now.

Inxeption offers more than just a cart. Our online transaction processing handles credit cards of course, but so much more as well.

Process Purchase Orders. Allow your approved customers to purchase from you by entering their PO numbers into the crate at time of purchase.

Reduce friction and give your customers the option to set up financing on their orders.

Apply Discounts in the checkout flow, create discount codes, and let your customers simply input the code for a per-order deal.

And unlike any other payment solution out there, Inxeption's secure blockchain technology makes it possible to buy and sell goods and services within the Inxeption network using tokenized transaction between vendors.

Receive Ongoing Feedback About Your Products And Sales

A single console to manage your online sales.

The Inxeption application is your main hub for everything from seeing your online marketing in action, to updating product information, to viewing your orders. And because Inxeption is built on - and secured by - our blockchain technology, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your information is secure.

Dashboard Metrics Include:

Know the keywords that are bringing in the most customers.

Watch your monthly sales next to your monthly ad spend.

View a map of where your customers are located.

See the products you are selling the most.

Monitor your real-time interactions with customers.

Know how long your customers are browsing on your websites.

See your orders happening online, update your order status and be notified when a fraudulent credit card is used.

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Become a Product Centric Organization

Inxeption puts your product at the center of your organization -
where it's supposed to be.

Burn Your Paper Catalog

Product information is constantly in flux. Anyone who manufactures and distributes products knows how difficult and painful it is to keep accurate and timely product information.

For example, product specifications, variations, and certifications can change on an almost daily basis. Making sure you know exactly WHAT you have - and exactly WHEN you have it - is a major challenge for any manufacturer or distributor. Multiply that by the number of products you create or sell, and the problem becomes exponentially more difficult to manage.

The Product Ledger

With Inxeption, each change to the product is stored to the blockchain with previous transactions to present a complete and accurate product history.

Centralize Your
Product Information

Your products are the center of your universe. Let Inxeption help you create a trusted, single source of product definition for collaboration and real-time updates.


Utilize the Dynamic Variant feature inside the Inxeption application to offer customizations to your products without creating 1 billion new SKUs. See what features stick with your customers.


Allow your customers to choose features and build a custom product on your eCommerce website at an increased profit margin.

Purchase Crate

Enable your customer to purchase these custom created products instantly.

The Blockchain Revolution

All the trust and security associated with Blockchain applied to yourdigital product listing.

It's All About Trust

Blockchain is a revolutionary new way of storing data. Every interaction with the data is added and stored in a "block" of data that is "chained" to other relevant blocks in a "ledger" in a secure, unchangeable way. It creates a permanent, immutable record that ensures data is authentic and tamper-proof.

This means that important data - like your financial and product transactions, shipping agreements, payment terms, and product authenticity - is always trustworthy.

More than Bitcoin

The terms "Bitcoin" and "blockchain" are often used interchangeably, but they're not the same. Bitcoin uses the blockchain technology as an underpinning to keep track of all the transactions associated with Bitcoin.

Inxeption uses blockchain to do something that has never been done - operate an eCommerce platform that brings buyers and sellers together in a trusted manner.

The Trusted Transaction

Our system brings together a trusted and verified buyer and a trusted and verified seller together in a transaction. Order details, delivery details, payment details, product specification (at time of order), product provenance, warranty information (at time of order), and maintenance schedules all recorded in an immutable record that can be referenced and relied upon for all time.

Information without Investigation

With the product history, product details, buyer information, transaction terms, and buyer/seller interaction all recorded on the blockchain, both the buyer and the seller have an unprecedented amount of accurate and trusted information at their fingertips.

The Product Catalog

Product information is constantly in flux. Product specifications, variations, and certifications can change on an almost daily basis. Making sure that the appropriate product information is updated and communicated to the various people in the company and to all the appropriate outsiders is a major organizational challenge. Considering that each organization deals in a multitude of products, the challenge is exacerbated.

The Product Ledger

With Inxeption, we have created the product ledger to keep everyone inside the company and outside the company on the same page. Using the product ledger blockchain, each change to the product is stored in a block and chained together with previous transactions to present a complete and accurate product history.

Protected Pricing

In all organizations, the price list is a living document. As such, it is not always communicated effectively in a timely manner to all interested parties, including distributors, resellers, and end buyers. Pricing may fluctuate for a wide variety of reasons, including updates to terms, changing manufacturing costs, shipping rates, and competitive discounts. It's vital that the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information is disseminated across appropriate constituencies.

The Dynamic Price Sheet

With Inxeption, pricing is confirmed, agreed upon, and stored in a blockchain. That process creates a positive record of who received the pricing and when the new pricing was received. This, in turn, removes errors and confusion caused by incorrect pricing.

Inxeption protects special pricing from unauthorized users, which maintains the integrity of contractual agreements.

Inxeption Corporation

Redefining how companies promote, sell, and manage their products online.

Join the Revolution

Inxeption is changing the way industries promote, sell, and manage products and services online

Inxeption is a feature-rich eCommerce platform, providing the best tools and innovative blockchain technology to insure trusted, secure and reliable transactions. Inxeption is a sophisticated platform that rapidly increases sales, streamlines your business, and extends products to new online channels.

Bring potential new customers to your website using the most up-to-date and advanced PPC methodologies. Maintain a completely transparent window into your campaigns, who is visiting your website, and what is working! Watch your orders in real-time and manage them with Inxeption.



Inxeption's founders, Farzad, Terry and Mark, have had many years of experience in the enterprise application space as well as many years of having worked together. All three spent many years at Oracle Corporation. Both Farzad and Terry worked directly for Larry Ellison in both marketing and product development capacities. Their work at Oracle was pivotal in the creation of the infrastructure required to digitize content of all types and to distribute that content online.

All three played pivotal roles in NiKu's (NASDAQ:NIKU) success with Farzad as the CEO, Terry as an initial investor and board member and Mark as the head of product development. Niku was the first enterprise software application that was written native to the internet. Niku introduced a new category of enterprise software application: Services Relationship management (SRM). Niku grew to $60M in revenue in less than 3 years and was taken public by Goldman Sachs in a $4B IPO.

Terry has been an initial investor in many successful companies including Siebel, Niku and Salesforce.com. Between them, Farzad, Terry and Mark have been involved in over 20 startups on the operations level, the board level and at the investor level. They are excited to join forces once again to meaningfully contribute to the advancement of the enterprise software market.

Farzad Dibachi


In this role, he brings two decades of experience as a technologist, senior executive, serial entrepreneur and investor.

Prior to co-founding Noribachi, Farzad was Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Niku Corporation, an infrastructure productivity software provider that created the first comprehensive suite of enterprise management applications for project and resource intensive organizations. Niku's iNiku application was an early cloud-based software service. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Niku employed over 1,200 personnel at the time Farzad took the company public in 1999 in an IPO led by Goldman Sachs (NASDAQ: NIKU). Computer Associates later acquired the company.

Earlier, Farzad was co-founder, President and CEO of Diba, the first consumer information appliance company, which created Internet enabled TVs, smart phones and consumer devices. Diba was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1997 just prior to going public in an offering led by Lehman Brothers. Diba became the foundation for Sun's Consumer Technologies Group, which worked with consumer electronics companies to provide internet-ready, Java-enabled, TVs, set-top boxes, satellite boxes and smart phones.

Before founding Diba, Farzad worked at the Oracle Corporation where he held a number of senior positions before becoming the Senior Vice President of Oracle's New Media Division. Under his leadership, the 450-person New Media division developed the infrastructure technology and application prototypes for the first large-scale deployment of residential video-on-demand services. In addition, Farzad helped conceptualize Oracle's efforts to create the network computer, a precursor to today's internet-enabled computers that utilize cloud-based software applications. Farzad began his career as an engineer at General Electric. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in Computer Science from San Jose State University.

In addition to having served on the Board of Directors for multiple technology startups, Farzad is the co-author of "Just Add Management: Seven Steps to Creating a Productive Workplace and Motivating Your Employees In Challenging Times", published by McGraw-Hill, 2002. He also authored from 1996-1997 the acclaimed "Diary of a Startup," which was published in serial form by Upside Magazine. Farzad and his wife live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mark Moore


After searching long and far, it was clear there are no great comprehensive solutions to help bring manufacturers into the online world. As Noribachi's CIO, Mark was tasked to create online opportunities for the commercial LED lighting product line. This led to a series of experiments and eventually engineering and developing the platform which has become Inxeption's platform. As a software engineer with over 30 years of industry and senior executive management experience, he continues to strive today to build cutting edge solutions and disrupt the software world. While at Noribachi, Mark was also responsible for their IOT device product line as well as all online corporate infrastructure.

Prior to Noribachi, Mark served as Senior Vice President of Products at Recommind and was responsible for Engineering, Product, Support and Cloud Services Delivery team for Recommind's eDiscovery products. While at Recommind, Mark oversaw and consistently grew Recommind's largest revenue division – OnDemand Services. Mark also led the worldwide Engineering and Product teams to advance from waterfall product development to sprint-based processes and eventually becoming a nimble DevOps organization.

Mark also served as Executive VP - Products and Services for Niku Corporation (product Clarity acquired by Computer Associates), a designer of enterprise IT project/portfolio management systems, where he led all product operations including early design, delivery, marketing, professional services and support. He continues to be excited by the large Clarity user community and enthusiastic customer base which has progressed over the years.

Mark was also a founding member of several high growth consumer startups specializing in cloud based video and music devices and services – Diba (information appliances), Listen.com/Rhapsody as well as CEO and the Founder of OneTrueMedia/Spotmixer.

Mark began his career working for a nearly a decade in the Oracle Database Kernel Development team specializing in high scalable and performant data systems, holds patents in Media Servers, Online Video serving and Information Appliance Architectures. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Terry Garnett


Terry Garnett is an active part of the Inxeption management team and Member of the Board of Directors. Terry has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and most recently served two terms as acting CEO of Actian Software, a hybrid data management company with over $100m in annual revenue. In addition, earlier in his career he was Sr. VP and part of the Executive Management Committee at Oracle Corporation where he ran Worldwide Marketing and Corporate Development. He served as a consultant in the McKinsey & Co. Electronics Practice and held technical manufacturing management roles at Tandem Computers.

Mr. Garnett was a General Partner and Venture Partner at Venrock Associates for 8 years and was an active participant in the founding and launching of leading software companies such as New Era of Networks, Neoforma and Niku and personally invested in Siebel Software and Salesforce.com. He worked closely with his wife, Katrina who founded Crossworlds Software in 1996 which was the leader in creating the EAI category (Enterprise Application Integration) that went public in 2000 and was later acquired by IBM.

Mr. Garnett was the co-founder of Garnett Helfrich Capital, a $350m technology venture buyout firm that successfully built up several market leaders, Blade Network Technologies (acquired by IBM) and Wyse Technologies (acquired by IBM).

Terry holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a B.S. degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

David Schmaier

Board Member

David Schmaier works as CEO & Founder of Vlocity, a Forbes Cloud 100 company and strategic Salesforce ISV. Vlocity delivers industry-specific cloud and mobile software that embed digital, omnichannel processes for customer-centric industries. Built in partnership with Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, Vlocity is one of Salesforce's fastest growing partners. Vlocity Industry Cloud Apps embed industry-specific functionality, best practices and business processes for the Communications & Media, Energy, Insurance & Financial Services, Health Insurance and Public-Sector industries. Vlocity enables companies to achieve faster business agility and time to value from the cloud across digital and traditional channels.

David worked previously as Executive Vice President at Siebel Systems, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. David was a member of Siebel's founding executive team and helped grow the company from an idea to 8,000 employees and $2 billion in revenue. David led Siebel's Products organization and was responsible for all CRM and 24 industry-specific applications. Prior to Siebel Systems, David worked at Oracle Corporation and at Braxton Associates (now part of Deloitte Consulting).

David serves on private equity firm Genstar Capital's Strategic Advisory Board and helped found the firm's software practice. He previously served as COO, investor and strategic advisory board member for C3 IoT, another fast-growing Forbes Cloud 100 company that delivers a platform as a service (PaaS) for big data and IoT applications.

David graduated with a Master's in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Tony Wang

VP, Blockchain, DevOPS & Infrastructure

Tony Quan Wang is an active innovator at Inxeption. He is tasked to create the next major innovation in the FinTech landscape, pioneer and leverage the most advanced technology in the B2B e-commerce ecosystem. Tony has over 20 years of experience in the customer development, R&D, architecture, operations and infrastructure, with a focus on FinTech, Blockchain, and DevOps.

Previously, Tony served as a Senior Director at Visa and was responsible for Visa's global innovation and strategic partnership to develop solutions on IoT and connected cars. Using human centric design, Tony led a team on rapid prototyping with Issuer Banks, Acquirer Banks, Merchants, and OEMs to drive earlier stage commercialization. This led to next-generation tokenization with Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevron, Wayne, Gilbarco, Oberthur, Gemalto, G&D, Infineon, DocuSign and more.

Tony also served as Chief Engineer at Visa. He was responsible for the development of functional strategy on Visa's core network assets. Over 12 years, he had provided a leadership role to transition Visa from IBM legacy SNA into an IP-based Visa NET. In this capacity, Tony was accountable for the global interoperability of Visa's network in alignment with Visa products and services. This included R&D, architecture, engineering, planning, design, evaluation, installation, deployment, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

Prior to Visa, Tony was a Technology Consultant at Sprint, and a Solution Architect at MCI. In these roles, Tony provided expertise and thought leadership to drive operational internet growth.

Tony holds an M.B.A. from the Santa Clara University Graduate School of Business and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the San Francisco State University.

Jake Throgmorton

Vice President of Engineering

Jacob Throgmorton has always loved building new and exciting applications. Over his 20 years of experience he has designed, built, and maintained software in order to make customers happy.

As head of engineering at Noribachi, Jacob built a solution that allowed Noribachi to digitalize and bring their products online. This solution has since become a key part of Inxeption. Before Noribachi, Jacob was a Principal Engineer at ServiceNow where he helped build and improve key parts of their infrastructure.

Jacob also was the Director of Engineering for the Software as a Service team at CA Inc. Here he lead a team that was responsible for an framework that allowed previous on-premise software be SaaS-enabled.

Also, he worked with many internal product teams and was part of multiple software acquisitions as part of this role.

Before the director role, Jacob worked as Architect or Principal Engineer at startups including Niku where he meet Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Eric Vossbrinck. Jacob holds a Bachelors Degree for Computer Science as well as Mathematical Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Eric Vossbrinck

Vice President of UX Design and Development

Eric Vossbrinck has been running design and development teams on the leading edge of developing front-end technologies in the Silicon Valley for the past 25 years.

He currently runs the UX team at Inxeption. Before this, he was VP Product Design at Noribachi where he was instrumental in the conception, design, and development of Noribachi's online selling platforms which brought both eCommerce and tracking to Noribachi for the first time.

Prior to Noribachi, Eric founded and ran the UX Design and Development team at Recommind, Inc. where he and his team redesigned Recommind's large, thick-client UI from the ground-up, turning it into a world-class and modern interface that now sets the standard in the eDiscovery market.

Eric was also a founding member of One True Media (later rebranded SpotMixer), which was one of the very first online, real-time video editing and sharing applications on the web.

Pioneering an entirely new way of interacting with media online, he ran a team that designed and helped develop both web-based and iOS native applications that brought a sophisticated and powerful set of tools to both the consumer and professional markets. This work led to Eric being awarded a patent for Online Video Editing.

Eric first worked with Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Jake Throgmorton at Niku Corporation, where he ran the Design team and helped successfully drive Niku's robust SRM online product offerings to market.

Eric attended Santa Clara University and is a Silicon Valley native.

Peter Stern

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

Peter Stern joined Inxeption in 2017 as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. He brought with him over 20 years of technology sales, leadership, business development and startup experience. Prior to joining Inxeption, Stern served in roles such as Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Sales at Skedulo, Autopilot, Kenandy, and OpSource.

Early on in his career, he was Vice President of Enterprise Corporate Sales at Salesforce. At Salesforce, he was responsible for the west coast development and growth of a new direct sales division. Stern's first job out of college was at Oracle where he worked for 6 years, and was ultimately responsible for the management of a North American field sales organization evangelizing Oracle's embedded infrastructure technology within the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) community.

Stern attended the University of California, Berkeley where he was a two-time All American on the men's NCAA water polo team. During college, he was a member of the United States Men's Senior National Water Polo Team, and a gold medal winner in the 1997 FINA World Championships.

Stern is an active member of the Bay Area community. Together with his family, he supports several philanthropic causes including the Wender Wiess Foundation for Children, the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, and the PlumpJack Foundation. In December 2010, he was appointed to the San Francisco International Airport Commission by Mayor Gavin Newsom and was reappointed in 2014 by Mayor Edwin Lee.

Dave Ward

VP Enterprise Sales

Dave is responsible for driving all of sales globally for Inxeption with a focus on growing the company's enterprise business. He has more than 25 years as a software and SaaS executive in enterprise markets and industrial verticals. He has a strong track record of building and leading high performing sales organizations both nationally and globally.

Prior to Inxeption, Dave was Vice President of Sales at Oracle leading one of Oracle's largest global business units. Before Oracle, Dave led the Americas group for CA Technologies where he was credited with directing the merger with Niku, which was acquired by CA in 2005. Dave joined Niku in 1999 as VP of Sales and General Manager, reporting to Farzad. Dave began his successful career at Dun & Bradstreet where he managed the Southern region and public sector business unit accounting for $150 million in revenue.

Dave holds a MBA from Jacksonville State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Eckerd College where he played NCAA basketball.

By joining Inxeption, Dave is renewing an 18-year relationship with Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Terry Garnett.

J. David Judd

VP of Customer Success and Sales Engineering

David Judd has 30 years' experience in developing enterprise solutions for manufacturing and service-based companies. He has worked with most of the Fortune 500 bringing digital transformation in the areas of marketing, sales, and service. As director at Oracle for 12 years he led partner and field sales enablement. He managed sales integration and go-to-market strategy for Oracle acquisitions. He has a PhD in leadership and administration. His dissertation examined online communities in knowledge-based organizations. He has published articles and speaks on the uses of blockchain technology in higher education and industry. In his role at Inxeption, he supports sales operations and leads customer success through growing GMV.


Angela Dalton

Ex Guggenheim and Evercore Head of TMT, Equities

Constantin Delivanis

Managing Director at Sand Hill Group

Ken Goldman

Ex CFO Yahoo

George Kadifa

Managing Director, Sumeru Equity Partners

Ray Lane

Managing Partner - Greatpoint Ventures, President & COO - Oracle, Managing Partner - KPCB, HPE Board

Dan'l Lewin

President and Chief Executive Officer at The Computer History Museum

Mohsen Moazami

Founder & Managing Director at CNTP

Hamid Moghadam

CEO and Founder of Prologis

Mike Nevens

Board Chairman at NetApp

MR Rangaswami

Managing Director at Sand Hill Group

Jeff Sanders

Co-Managing Partner, Global CEO & Board Practice, Heidrick & Struggles

John Thompson

Chairman of the board at Microsoft, Venture Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners


Join an exceptional group of thought leading organizations helping companies transform into Product Centered Organizations.

Implementation Partners

Inxeption Implementation Partners provide consulting, integration, and services that lead our customers' transformation into Product Centered Organizations.

Our network of certified implementation partners not only bring their unique technology expertise, but also deep domain knowledge surrounding product organizations to ensure our customers realize the full business value of Inxeption.

Technology Partners

Inxeption Technology Partners are world leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) independent software vendors as well as Integration-platform-as-a-Service (IPAAS), Platform-as-a-Service (SAAS), and social networking platforms that integrate to and complement Inxeption.

Referral Partners

Inxeption Referral Partners are technology evangelists that believe there is a better way for product makers to engage with their customers, analyze their business, and create great products.

Referral Partners will not resell Inxeption software but work closely with the Inxeption sales force to identify, pursue, and help close opportunities resulting in referral fees.

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Led by seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion for enterprise software and well funded by SF investors, we are looking for professionals who enjoy the challenge of a dynamic work atmosphere and bringing products to customers.

PCO (Product Centric Organization) is a different way for companies to think about their businesses. The customer's marketing and sale are built around the product, and Inxeption provides a single, visual, and intelligent window into any business.

Current Opportunities


Jan 24, 2018

The HMG Strategy Roadshow Showcases the Transformational Promise of Blockchain

San Francisco, CA

As we peer into 2018, there seems to be an abundance of game-changing technologies that promise to power new waves of innovation across companies. These transformational technologies, as we refer to them at HMG Strategy, include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, multi-cloud, analytics, and edge computing.

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Oct 2, 2017

Inxeption Launches New Software Platform to Enable "Product-Centric" M-Commerce.

San Francisco, CA

Inxeption launched a new enterprise software applications platform today that empowers corporations to digitize their product offerings and create a dynamic environment to manage and analyze their business. Inxeption's platform includes all the elements needed to bring a fully operational modern SaaS infrastructure to B2B companies to do business on - line with custom orders directly from the customer to the manufacturing floor.

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