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Why Inxeption?

Inxeption’s exclusive Industrial Commerce marketplace connects global buyers and sellers in industries currently encompassing solar power and electrification, batteries, HVAC and building materials.

Inxeption has created the first automated, digital, end-to-end marketplace for manufacturers. Say goodbye to significant tech investment and onerous onboarding. With Inxeption, there’s no digital barrier to entry: the cloud-agnostic Inxeption platform allows industrial companies to quickly bring highly manual sales processes online, reducing errors while lowering costs.

Marketplace members are early adopters of the Inxeption difference: true, frictionless Industrial Commerce for both buyers and sellers.

Inxeption Services

Inxeption members can also:

  • Market to high-intent buyers in a dynamic online industrial product catalog
  • Enlist Inxeption’s industry-specific sales experts to close your deals
  • Streamline freight shipments with Inxeption supply chain and fulfillment apps
  • Analyze sales with extensive data reporting

Instantly gain exposure to traffic from credible industrial buyers making purchasing decisions while gaining brand equity and trust.

Both U.S-based manufacturers as well as foreign industrial companies expanding into the domestic market can now leverage Inxeption’s expertise.

Membership Benefits

Inxeption partners benefit from instant access to our enterprise level technology platform and our industry specific skill set including marketing, sales, logistics, strategy and technology development. Our platform and services are designed to accelerate growth and drive revenue for industrial commerce companies.

An investment in Inxeption is an investment in:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Robust Marketing Collaboration 
  • Sales Channel Diversification
  • Transactional Integrity
  • Buyer Development
  • Supply Chain and Fulfillment
  • Warehousing Capabilities
  • Margin Control
  • Cash Flow
  • PO Financing Support

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