Become a Product Centric Organization

Inxeption puts your product at the center of your organization -
where it's supposed to be.

Burn Your Paper Catalog

Product information is constantly in flux. Anyone who manufactures and distributes products knows how difficult and painful it is to keep accurate and timely product information.

For example, product specifications, variations, and certifications can change on an almost daily basis. Making sure you know exactly WHAT you have - and exactly WHEN you have it - is a major challenge for any manufacturer or distributor. Multiply that by the number of products you create or sell, and the problem becomes exponentially more difficult to manage.

The Product Ledger

With Inxeption, each change to the product is stored to the blockchain with previous transactions to present a complete and accurate product history.

Centralize Your
Product Information

Your products are the center of your universe. Let Inxeption help you create a trusted, single source of product definition for collaboration and real-time updates.


Utilize the Dynamic Variant feature inside the Inxeption application to offer customizations to your products without creating 1 billion new SKUs. See what features stick with your customers.


Allow your customers to choose features and build a custom product on your eCommerce website at an increased profit margin.

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Enable your customer to purchase these custom created products instantly.

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