5 Essentials of a High-Performing Ecommerce Website

Last year, the ecommerce sector saw record growth. Consumer spending online was up 44% year-over-year and online sales represented 21.3% of total annual retail sales.

As more businesses uncover the power of ecommerce, it’s becoming more crucial to create an online store that:

(1) Attracts buyers.
(2) Keeps them coming back.
(3) Helps you stand out from your competition.

Here are 5 ecommerce website essentials that will help you do just that.

1. Sophisticated Data Security

When it comes to shopping online, cybersecurity threats can be a huge deterrent for consumers. GlobalData recently reported that 88% of consumers are concerned about sharing personal data with retailers.

To maintain data integrity and ease these concerns, it’s imperative to use a secure platform that is PCI-compliant. In this way, you can protect your business and your customers’ private information.

By leaving sophisticated cybersecurity to the experts, you can reduce your operating costs and position yourself as a trustworthy supplier.

Did You Know?
Inxeption’s I-commerce platform is PCI-compliant, which means we adhere to stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that are established and regulated by the PCI Security Standards Council. This sophisticated data security makes it possible to safely buy and sell products on our platform.

2. Informative Product Descriptions

Once a customer lands on your website, your top priority should be to make their buying journey easy. They want to know what your product is, how it meets their needs, and why there’s no better time to buy than right now.

The key to effectively communicating all of this information? Informative product descriptions that educate, engage, and compel potential buyers to take immediate action. If your product summaries miss the mark, you’ll lose would-be customers and your sales will suffer.

Currently, several top U.S. retailers are feeling the effects of poorly written product descriptions. According to a 2021 report from Jellyfish48% of well-known ecommerce retailers fail to convert one-time site visitors to buyers because of insufficient product descriptions.

If you want to stand out, you need to give your B2B buyers what those retailers can’t (or won’t) provide—clarity. Your customers want to make informed purchase decisions. If your product descriptions are vague or unclear, they can’t do that.

To combat buyer uncertainty and sell more products, it’s critical to develop easy-to-read, engaging product descriptions that include:

  • Product benefits
  • Product specifications
  • Answers to frequently asked pre-purchase questions
  • High-resolution photos

In the absence of accurate and detailed product descriptions, order volumes will suffer, returns will spike, and customer retention will drop off.

PRO TIP: Using the same copy across multiple channels can hurt your SEO score and negatively impact your website traffic. For expert guidance on optimizing your product pages, set up a free consultation with our digital marketing team.

3. Expedited Order Entry

In a recent study published by Digital Commerce 360, B2B buyers ranked “easy repeat ordering” as one of the most critical components of an ecommerce website. This should come as no surprise—order entry can be time-consuming.

If your buyers are purchasing consumable products regularly, they will want a shortcut. The best way to satisfy your customers is to anticipate their needs by expediting the repeat purchase process.

“Don’t let your out-of-date processes erode your customer relationships and cost you time and money with mistakes and delivery confusion. Transform manual processes into digital ones. Efficiencies, insights, and happier customers will follow. Ultimately, digital order entry on a platform like Inxeption's is a key step on the path to creating a better relationship with buyers that can result in direct, and more profitable, online sales.”
- Brooke Carter, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy, Inxeption

If you want to boost your sales, increase customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of your competition, you must execute an ecommerce system that streamlines repeat order entry.

Inxeption EasyOrder is a robust order entry portal that stores past orders, payment information, and shipping details to simplify the purchase process for your customers.

With Inxeption EasyOrder, you can:

 Create a frictionless ordering experience for your customers.
 Make it easier for your buyers to repeat orders.
 Streamline your quote-to-order process for distributors.
 Establish custom pricing for each buyer.
 Keep proprietary pricing confidential with password protection.
 Get paid faster.

You can learn more about Inxeption EasyOrder here.

4. Multiple Payment Options

Did you know that ecommerce brands lose roughly $18 billion in sales revenue every year due to abandoned carts?

One of the reasons for cart abandonment is a lack of diverse payment options. If you want to hold onto more of your revenue, then it’s time to give your buyers several ways to pay. By doing so, you can boost your conversion rates and generate more revenue.

At Inxeption, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers—and their customers—can purchase what they want when they want.

Our EasyStore platform includes several advanced payment capabilities: credit cards, purchase orders, and extended payment terms. With Inxeption EasyStore, you can:

 Own the look and feel of your site.
 Add an unlimited number of products.
 Easily integrate the Inxeption platform with an existing ecommerce presence.

PRO TIP: In addition to providing extended payment terms, we offer our Commerce Partners a wide range of financial services. If you need to increase your working capital or have other questions, connect with our team for a free consultation.

5. Streamlined Shipping

If you want to run a successful online sales channel, then you must prioritize the efficiency and trustworthiness of your supply chain. When a carrier fails to deliver as promised, the customer likely won't blame the carrier—they'll blame you.

That's one reason Inxeption has focused so intently on creating an outstanding online logistics experience for sellers.

With an integrated ecommerce platform like Inxeption, you can streamline the shipping process for your customers, save yourself the hassle of coordinating logistics, and preserve your company’s reputation.

According to a B2B buyer survey from Sapio Research, more than 1/3 of buyers would prefer to work with a vendor who gives them the ability to place, pay for, track, and return orders online. This integrated service benefits both B2B suppliers and B2B consumers.

At Inxeption, we offer all our customers predictable, flat-rate shipping—which means you can anticipate your shipping costs ahead of every order. Plus, you can gain visibility into your shipments through real-time digital load tracking.

Our platform is equipped with several time-saving features, including the ability to generate a return label to go with all outbound shipments. This will streamline the return process for your customers—and they’ll love you for it.

Want to find out how Inxeption’s integrated services can save you time and money? Get your free shipping quote today.

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