Become Findable

Google Yourself.

Seriously. Right now. Google your company’s name. Is the first link that appears you? Are you even on the first page of links? When (if?) you find yourself, does the link’s language motivate a customer you’re not already working with to visit your home page? If you Google some of your products by name, do links to your company come up?

You may be thinking: We’re not a consumer products company. Our distribution channel is much more sophisticated. We work with resellers or brokers or other middlemen because our customers need more help and support during the sale. Where we end up in a Google search is irrelevant.

Mmm. OK. Now, go to Amazon. Search for your product category. Oh please, you’re thinking, Amazon doesn’t sell assembly line rollers or John Deere tractor parts or medical office supplies!

Yes, they do. They sell tens of thousands of products in just those categories, including $133 super-winches and $8 carbon rollers. They sell $15, 934 John Deere fuel injection pumps and $67 spindle assemblies with self-tappers. Type in "medical office products,” and up come more than 30,000 different options (most with free shipping to Prime members!)

Who knew?

Amazon was a pioneer in training a generation of consumers to expect instant gratification from searching online. In the last ten years it helped create over $2 TRILLION dollars in market capitalization, and it owns 40% of the online business to consumer market. But Amazon has always known that business to business transaction volume is much larger than consumer transactions–more than $18 trillion annually–and only a fraction of it takes place on e-commerce platforms. No wonder Amazon has been shifting more attention and resources to winning one business category after another.

If this exercise scares you–and it should–you need to do something. You must digitally transform your business to make sure you can compete and thrive. Realize that you have a unique advantage: You know your products better than Amazon—or anybody else–and you can transform your systems to act with more flexibility and responsiveness to customers. But make no mistake: more and more business interactions today begin with online search.

The Inxeption platform is going to make sure you’re findable by search. It’s going to mean the difference between getting steamrolled by Amazon’s growing presence in business to business, (we call it getting Amazolled), and positioning your company to thrive and grow.

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