Change is Inevitable: Develop the Power to Pivot

In business, significant disruptions always produce winners and losers. Recent events have demonstrated very clearly that agility was a critical component for companies suddenly confronting unprecedented turmoil, enormous shifts in social behavior, and supply chain disruption. In vertical sectors like food, home goods, and certain industrial supplies and services, the difference between shutting down and surviving, and even growing in some cases, was linked to how quickly they could shift their emphasis to online ordering, delivery, direct shipping, and other pivots.

The slow-moving bureaucracies and silos that have developed in many organizations are the enemies of the opportunistic pivot. But companies can quickly get the right tools to become more agile. At Inxeption we believe our digital platform creates an unprecedented opportunity for companies of any size to open new marketing channels, augment existing distribution channels, create instant storefronts and marketplaces, and strengthen relationships with customers and partners during periods of change.

For example, Inxeption helped a multi-billion-dollar global company that had plans to launch an online marketplace instead pivot and use its new selling platform to support its desire to be seen as a trusted source of information and resources about COVID-19 impacts for its customers. It was not just an IT project, not just a marketing campaign, not just a PR push, but an integrated, strategic, business-savvy approach that combined the flexibility and speed of digital technology with meaningful and realistic communication and thinking about customer needs in a crisis. As the larger environment stabilized, the project quickly shifted back to a marketplace of products and services. We were proud to be part of such an innovative project within a large company.

Similarly, we helped Purafil, a leading air purification company that for 50 years has sold advanced purification technology to institutions like hospitals, airports, even advanced NASA laboratories through classic distributor networks, seize another interesting opportunity. The company has technology that actually kills most bacteria and viruses on contact. When it realized hundreds of thousands of small businesses like cafes, exercise studios, salons, bars, and professional offices would be re-opening to customers now worried about air safety, it saw an opportunity to sell compact, portable, but highly sophisticated units to small business owners directly through an online ecommerce channel. In a matter of a few weeks we helped Purafil create an ecommerce site with full transaction and analytic capability and an online marketing campaign. They sold their first three products within a few hours and they sold out their domestic inventory in ten days. That is a tribute to two things: the vision of Purafil’s leaders and the pivot power the Inxeption platform provides. This kind of willingness and ability to pivot is not just a nice to have, it’s a must-have in today’s fast-moving world. Companies of every size need this capability.

Nobody likes turmoil. But sometimes it unleashes business creativity in unpredictable, powerful, and exciting ways. At Inxeption it motivates our company’s mission: Let’s Do Business Better.

Take our 360-degree agility assessment and see if your business has the power to pivot.

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