Excess Inventory, Samples, and Parts

At the heart of Inxeption’s powerful platform is a capability that is any business owner’s dream come true: Economically find new customers and increase profits with products you’ve already got sitting in your warehouse.

Irresistible, right? But there is an important question that smart companies ask: How will our existing channel react? Will it create a backlash among our distributors, brokers, retailers, and our outside sales force?

We get it. Any existing business has been built on a network of human relationships. At Inxeption, we don’t just focus on software features, we understand existing and potential points of organizational friction. That means anticipating and designing for flexible, incremental adoption of digital transformation within an existing ecosystem.

For example, we have a program we call ESP. The letters stand for Excess inventory; Samples; and Parts. Odd trio, you might think. Well, only if the idea of making more money from something you’re already doing inefficiently is not appealing.

Here are three ways our customers are using our ESP program on the Inxeption platform to drive sales and reduce costs with online selling—without disrupting existing channels. It’s time to rethink aspects of your business you may currently treat as an afterthought.

Excess inventory. There’s gold in your slow-moving products! By definition this involves products the existing channels have not been able to move and most likely do not want to focus on going forward. Pulling out inventory to an online “outlet” or other discounted ecommerce site and using search-based marketing to drive customers already seeking those products is a recipe for success.

Samples. Many kinds of businesses, from high-end tile importers to lighting manufacturers to specialty food companies, offer potential customers samples of their products to support their marketing and sales efforts. Some give them away; others charge a nominal fee, but we have found that in many companies these motions occur in an ad hoc, inefficient way. Shipping samples involves orders, inventory, logistics, pricing and follow up...but your existing channel likely is not focused on or incentivized to sell samples—and would prefer not to have to deal with it.

Inxeption helps companies create a content-rich standalone ecommerce site where existing and potential customers can browse a variety of samples and order them online. It becomes a resource rather than a threat to the sales team, and it will streamline the ordering, payment, shipment and logistics involved. It can even become a profitable, standalone business division.

Parts. It can be both distracting and cumbersome for an existing channel to efficiently market and sell inexpensive parts for an otherwise expensive main product. Think small clips or hanging hardware for high-end custom window treatments, or a plastic door or switch on a $100K piece of medical equipment. This can lead to frustrated customers who perceive a lack of attention and concern for their ongoing success with the product.

The Inxeption platform can power a standalone parts ecommerce site that is armed with extensive specifications and customer support options to make those customers happy, reduce transaction friction, and sell parts at a profit without distracting the existing channel from selling the high-value equipment.

These are just three examples of how Inxeption can help a company deploy a digital transformation strategy in discrete, highly profitable stages, without disrupting existing channels. In our experience, it just whets our Commerce Partners’ appetites for even more creative engagements to Do Business Better.

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