From Trash to Liability — DumpsterGard Has Clients Covered

Gary Lougher

Waste management is part of almost every business’s operations. But a dumpster left out in the elements creates a number of problems: 

  • Rain causes water-logging and higher tipping fees.
  • Runoff can drain into sewer systems and result in EPA fines. 
  • Water can freeze and make it difficult to empty waste.
  • Heat can result in unpleasant smells and unnatural composting.
  • Unauthorized people can enter a dumpster and get injured, exposing the businesses to liability risk.
  • Open dumpsters leave the opportunity for illegal and hazardous waste dumping.

When it comes to large dumpsters of 20, 30, or 40 yards, a lack of available commercial covers has left businesses struggling with ineffective homemade solutions like tarps or wooden boards. And 8,000 lbs of mismanaged waste is more than an inconvenience—it's an unchecked business expense and potentially a crime.   

These were some of the issues on Gary Lougher’s mind when he began tinkering with a design for a superior dumpster cover. 

DumpsterGard has it covered

In partnership with a domestic plastics manufacturer, Gary completed a simple but innovative dumpster cover prototype in 2011. By mid 2012, Gary and his team introduced their Made in America DumpsterGard system. It is designed to help businesses cut costs, improve security, and bolster environmental protection.

Each DumpsterGard kit includes high molecular polyethylene plastic panels made from over 90% recycled materials. The panels are light, adjustable, and easy to install. 

To withstand the test of time and the battering of the elements, the panels are rigid and heat-dispersing. 

“Whether you live down south or up north, our panels can handle everything from heavy snowfalls to torrential hailstorms,” says Gary. 

DumpsterGard kits bring a number of benefits to customers, especially the ability to protect profits and avoid liability issues. By keeping water and ice out, customers can reduce tonnage tipping fees. In addition, with a secured dumpster, unauthorized entry, hazardous dumping, and theft, become more difficult, helping protect businesses from legal issues.  

As reported by customers, compliance and savings on permitting requirements are two of the greatest benefits. With a properly covered dumpster, customers can adhere to local, state, and federal stormwater management regulations. And with penalties running into tens of thousands of dollars for violations of the Clean Water Act, compliance is critical.

Beyond preventing fines, DumpterGard has also helped businesses obtain no exposure certifications for exclusion from the NPDES Stormwater permitting requirement. This saves them the time and money required to apply.  

Conquering business challenges with Inxeption 

Gary concedes that running a business can be challenging. “Even managing a business with just one product is very complex. I need to navigate selling online, Google ads, and all of the different relationships that make the business operational. Inxeption has helped to take a lot of that complexity away,” says Gary. 

While Gary’s order volume recovered after the first wave of Covid-19, supply chain and shipping slowdowns only worsened. To maintain and grow operations through these disruptions, he sought out Inxeption to for its logistics services. 

With greater shipping cost visibility, Gary was able to pass this predictability forward to his customers and position DumpsterGard as a more reliable partner.

To cope with inventory and supply disruptions, DumpsterGard also took advantage of Inxeption’s Merchant Cash Advance. With an extra cash cushion, Gary’s team was able to purchase the materials required to fill orders and meet demand without jeopardizing their finances.  

“With the Merchant Cash Advance,” says Gary, “I didn’t have to go into my own pocket to bridge the inventory gap we had. This probably saved my business.”

With business humming along now, Gary sees the opportunity to improve efficiencies further by deepening his partnership with Inxeption. Though he’s built his business on Google Ads, he has decided to have Inxeption Marketing take charge of online advertising. 

“It just made more sense to have our advertising managed by the same company that does everything else for us. It’s nice to have the same points of contact, and those contacts can communicate within their own organization. It’s a much more effective way to run a business.”

Covering customers across the continent

As the need for cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly waste management has grown, so too has DumpsterGard. After nearly 10 years in business, DumpsterGard boasts more than 750 satisfied customers across the United States and Canada—including household-name brands like Target, Amazon, GE, and Ford. 

So what separates DumpsterGard from other container cover services?

“It’s simple, cost-effective, and it works,” says Gary.  

Interested in a DumpsterGard System? Check them out online here

To learn about Inxeption’s all-in-one services for digital commerce, logistics, and financial services, fill out a contact form or give us a call at 888-852-4783.

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