Inxeption Helps Filtration Pioneer Purafil Pivot to A Unique Online eCommerce Opportunity

Inxeption’s work for the innovative air filtration company Purafil, one of two dozen companies owned by the Filtration Group, is an outstanding example of the promise, flexibility, and power of a B2B commerce platform to create exciting new opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Filtration Group is the fastest growing filtration company in the world, an umbrella organization for a group of companies generating more than $1 billion in revenues annually. Filtration Group, an affiliate of Madison Industries, is making the world safer, healthier and more productive by creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding customer value serving a highly diverse set of customers with offerings that span life sciences, industrial, fluid, and indoor air quality applications. Filtration Group operates in over 30 countries with 140 facilities and nearly 7,000 employees servicing customers world-wide. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Filtration Group provides solutions to customers in the food & beverage; water, micro-electronics & telecommunications; environmental air; medical, pharma & bioscience; hydraulic fluid; mining & minerals; industrial finishing and energy industries.

Purafil is a key contributor to Filtration Group’s portfolio; founded in 1969, Georgia-based Purafil is the global leader in gas phase (molecular) air filtration systems, which today operate in 72 countries. Its reputation for technical excellence is unparalleled.  Purafil systems remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria, and viruses from an environment, and the company provides air purification equipment used in such complex environments as hospitals and airports, and even NASA and the Sistine Chapel.

Early in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic expanded, Purafil identified an urgent need that demanded rapid execution: it realized hundreds of thousands of small companies that had closed due to COVID-19, such as cafes, salons, exercise studios and home shares, were going to be opening again and wanted and needed to create a safer environment for business owners, employees, and customers.  Purafil designed and manufactured a portable, compact, technically advanced unit that could offer not just filtration and multiple air changes per hour in shared spaces but could actually chemically neutralize viruses on contact.

Purafil’s existing distributors were organized around low-volume, high dollar sales to institutions; they were not set up to sell to small business owners. But by working with Inxeption, the company rapidly launched a brand-new ecommerce site devoted to selling a new entry-level air purification product, thereby capitalizing on the opportunity without disrupting existing channels. What’s more, it worked with Inxeption marketers on an online search campaign to find business owners searching for air purification products.  Within an hour of the first online advertising launching, the company had its first customer.  Within ten days, it had sold out its initial domestic supply and moved to increase manufacturing capacity. Within two months, the online channel was the leading distribution channel for this product.

Purafil is an agile, growth-seeking company that saw the potential to move quickly in a unique situation, and it benefited from not only the technical tools and rapid deployment of the Inxeption platform, but also the Inxeption team’s online marketing expertise.  It’s that 360-degree embrace of its customer’s business goal that powers Inxeption’s corporate challenge: Let’s Do Business Better.

Click here to watch our video interview with Purafil's Director of Global Marketing and Strategy, Jeff Mathers.

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