Podcast: Future Proof

In this weekly podcast, Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi joins Joan Hamilton, Chief Content Officer of Inxeption, to discuss how to put digital transformation to work for your B2B company.

Episode 14 -White Spaces: Part 1. Exploring new business frontiers

At the leading edge of innovation, the goal is to understand specific kinds of customers so well that you can delight them with features or new capabilities they didn't even know they wanted.

Apple's Steve Jobs was a master of focusing intently on the details of a product that delivered unexpected joy to customers--the slight vibration of a virtual button push, the intuitive path through a program. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi calls previously unexplored opportunities to delight customers "white spaces." Here he discusses that opportunity with Inxeption Chief Content Officer Joan Hamilton.

Episode 13 - Our business community 2.0 will have its own currency

When eBay digitally matched Pez dispenser sellers with Pez dispenser collectors in the 1990s, the notion of an online business community was born.

Fast forward to today, and technology advances like blockchain are enabling all kinds of deeper and more exciting seamless platform relationships between makers, suppliers, sellers, buyers, vendors, financial service companies and other digital actors.

In this episode of Future Proof, Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks with Inxeption's Chief Content Officer Joan Hamilton about eBay's legacy and the exciting possibilities of business communities that run on their very own currency--tokens.

Episode 12 - Passing the customer tipping point

At an Internet company, dynamics of a rapidly scaling customer base provide both energy and insights for new services and ideas. At Inxeption, CEO Farzad Dibachi says hitting a critical mass of customers provides a rich source of inspiration to provide new services that help them do business better, even with one another.

Episode 11 - Nobody wants to buy software anymore

It has never been fun to buy software.

It has often been downright miserable to have to learn to use it. In this episode of Future Proof, Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks with Chief Content Officer Joan Hamilton about the transition of software as a tool for buyers, to software as a tool for experts who provide services to buyers.

That thinking is behind Inxeption's approach to acting as its customers' advocates and business partners--not their software suppliers.

He believes the "app" era that smartphones ushered in is here to stay: Everyone from consumers seeking a ride to the airport to enterprise CEOs want specific, streamlined applications that answer questions and solve problems and make something happen, then disappear until you need them again.

Episode 10 - Your customers are seeking education--and need empathy

It's ironic: Manufacturers are in the best possible position to provide information and education about their products to customers. And yet companies who've long relied on distributors often don't understand how to talk to end buyers. Have you ever tried to buy, say, an appliance, and discovered that the maker's web site may have marketing messages that speak to the aspirations of the brand, but doesn't provide basic information about deciding which is the best product for your needs or even specifications that are critical to making your decision? This is a huge, lost opportunity to create a happy, loyal customer, as Inxeption's Vice President of Customer Success Swati Jain explains in this session with with CEO Farzad Dibachi and Chief Content Officer Joan Hamilton.

Episode 9 - Why the Glass Looks More Than Half Full

Murder hornets were a fitting mascot to 2020, but suddenly many economic indicators are suggesting that a broad economic recovery is imminent. Stocks remain strong, there is a huge infrastructure bill in play, and capital good purchases are up. Some business pundits even believe the recent traffic jam in the Suez Canal that had billions of dollars in goods treading water at sea, is going to spark a big push to build inventories to higher levels. Are you feeling optimistic? So is Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi. But not necessarily because of those reasons.

Episode 8 - Fintech, China, and I-commerce

There is considerable innovation in the fintech (for financial technology) space--and certainly lots of investor interest. China continues to lead in the digital payments category and recently even announced its own digital currency. Which way is the momentum going, how are established U.S. financial companies responding, and how will embedded fintech services propel I-commerce? Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi discusses this fast-changing sector in Future Proof.

Episode 7 - Follow the Brave Branding Trail Amazon Blazed

Is your brand still doing its job for you?

One of the great values of digital transformation and selling online is it's a chance to rethink your brand and experiment with new ways or selling and promoting products to promising new markets without abandoning your history--or your existing channels.

When you're future-proof you have the flexibility to create entirely new channels to sell products that stand on their own.

Remember when Amazon was just an online bookseller?

Episode 6 - Shine a Bright Light in Your Dark Corners

Some practices that are inefficient or dysfunctional have evolved because a company deliberately uses obfuscation to keep certain problems or processes out of sight. With digital transformation, that changes...and that’s a good thing says Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi.

Episode 5 - Transformation Begins at the Top

There is no one business function that is the automatic leader of digital transformation. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks about why it’s so critical that a company’s CEO is the loudest champion of future-proofing from day one—so the rest of the team will follow.

Episode 4 - You Can't Afford NOT to use Digital Order Entry

Order mistakes and delays bedevil companies of every size in every industry. An astounding number of B2B orders in traditional channels are still manual, whether by phone, fax, or email. Stop the madness! Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks about how digital order entry speeds up the entire order to ship process and gets the details right the first time.

Episode 3 - Does your CRM help you know your customers?

Customer relationship management software is a mostly historical look at your customer interactions. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi explains how a transaction-based platform can give you a more accurate and up-to-date picture of those key business relationships.

Episode 2 - What is Future Proofing?

To be ready for anything, a business leader needs high-bandwidth communication with every stakeholder, according to Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi. From suppliers, to logistics partners, to customers, digital connection is key to get fast, actionable intelligence to do business better.

Episode 1 - The New Normal

COVID-19 has triggered lots of changes in the economy. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks about how companies who are embracing digital transformation are better able to pivot and adapt to any kind of change. Observes Farzad: "The physicality of transactions has to change."

Introducing the Future Proof Podcast

Introduction to our new podcast covering digital transformation to help you Do Business Better

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