The First Step on the Bridge to I-commerce

Whether you run a global enterprise or a start-up focused on industrial products and business services, digitally transforming your company to take advantage of I-commerce doesn’t have to be a deep breath, are-we-ready-for-it, bet-the-farm risk.

At Inxeption, our Bridge methodology is seven straightforward steps that will have you seeing products moving through digital channels, enjoying simplified shipping, and forging more transparent relationships with customers in as little as one day.

You can begin with a few products, a product line, or even test a new product category. You can run a pilot with a single channel or a warehouse that serves a specific region. You can leverage improved analytics immediately to track the impact of ad campaigns, social media, and message campaigns to better measure what efforts are driving sales. When the advantages become obvious, you can easily scale to create an I-commerce platform for all your products — a platform that grows as you grow.

You don’t need to hire or rely on a technology expert to get started, Inxeption has specialists who can help you every step of the way. Inxeption’s Bridge methodology is designed to make a company’s transition to I-commerce fast and easy. It can take as little as 24 hours to be up and running.

Step one: Pick a product or product line. Even if you’ve used a traditional distribution channel for many years, we’ve yet to meet a merchant that doesn’t have one or more great candidate products for a pilot run with I-commerce, such as

  • A product that currently has limited regional distribution that you’d like to expand
  • An existing product that’s having trouble finding an audience or not growing as anticipated
  • A brand new product that you’d like to test market
  • A product whose growth has slowed because your existing channel is focused on higher margin products or other priorities
  • A product where online marketplaces are undercutting it on price, but that has specific features customers would appreciate if they knew about them – perhaps superior durability, ethical production practices, or more precise specifications
  • A product for which logistics is complex and often involves hidden costs or back charges

A Georgia-based furniture company specializes in selling chairs, tables, and other furniture to companies, churches, restaurants, and other commercial settings. It knows better than most that the complexity of shipping today has become a real challenge. The company was an early adopter of e-commerce, but the chief technology officer was intrigued with the Inxeption I-commerce platform’s fast growing logistics service for business. Merchants can get flat-rate shipping from UPS on all of their shipping needs, including freight.

The company sells a variety of merchandise that can vary dramatically in size and weight, not to mention quantity. It may ship an order as simple as one folding chair to a church, or 1000 folding chairs to a large-scale auditorium. It also carries large, unusually-shaped items like restaurant booths and headboards for beds. Because many large shippers prefer higher value, smaller package shipping, companies find that they are increasingly fighting for space on trucks and being charged extra fees. This company put one warehouse’s products on a pilot project to see if Inxeption could attack those costs. Shipping costs dropped, ordering simplified, and there were no more surprise back charges, and the company has since expanded its use of Inxeption to all of its warehouses and several of its online marketing channels.

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