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Inxeption's Solar eXchange provides procurement and fulfillment of built-to-spec renewable energy products. We have components such as solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and accessories, energy storage systems, and more. We provide access to holistic supply chain management and visibility, giving Inxeption partners a no-hassle solution.

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ET Solar 350-370w

Model ET-M672370WW/WB 370W
Power Output Range (w) 350-370
Power Tolerance (+/- w) 0-5
Module Per Pallet 27
Module Per Container 708
Product Warranty12
Linear Power Warranty25/30
Product Specification

VSUN 370w BB

Power Output Range (w)350-370
Power Tolerance (+/- w)0-5
Module Per Pallet 26
Module Per Container 806
Product Warranty12 Years
Linear Power Warranty25 Years
Product Specification

HaiTai Solar 360-380w

Power Output Range (w) 360-380
Power Tolerance (+/- w)0-3
Module Per Pallet31
Module Per Container806
Product Warranty12
Linear Power Warranty25
Product Specification

ZNShineSolar 525-550w

Model ZXM7-SHLDD144 Series
Power Output Range (w)525-550
Power Tolerance (+/- W)0-3
Module Per Pallet36
Module Per Container720
Product Warranty12
Linear Power Warranty30
Product Specification


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