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What's different about I–commerce?

Industrial commerce combines online selling, logistics, and financial services on one platform.

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Future proof your company - inxeption

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Whatever you make, we can help you grow with a new online selling channel built for business.

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Better logistics

Predictable rates for all shipping modes – even ocean.


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Inxeption customers Do Business Better

SCP has a 20+ year-old reputation for quality, reliability, and value and we are helping them find new customers online.

Inxeption’s shipping rates were so incredibly good we moved all our volume to Inxeption.”

Zack Fleishman, COO

When our valued customer Atlanta Spa saw a sudden surge in orders in 2021, they used a Merchant Cash Advance from Inxeption Capital to beef up inventories.

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Future proof your company - inxeption

Inxeption’s EasyOrder- an order-entry portal built to speed order flow and reduce errors.

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How Inxeption Helps You Do Business Better

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Inxeption is helping collaboration solutions provider, Vibe, Do Shipping Better for its intuitive digital whiteboards.

“With Inxeption we have peace of mind −logistics is one less thing we have to worry about.”

—Jian Zhao, Vice President, Vibe

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“Processing huge numbers of manual orders has become difficult. With Inxeption EasyOrder, we’ve finally found a platform that can handle the complexity of our products and our need to use purchase orders. When we learned Inxeption could also offer us flat-rate shipping, we realized they were a true business partner.”

—Jim Perkins, President of U.S. Air Filtration, manufacturer of industrial air pollution control equipment

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“Inxeption’s international shipping service has been great for us! We move containers from our factory in China to Panama, and their rates are second to none. Not only that, their customer service is unparalleled. They are super helpful and attentive to our needs.”

—Jose Esquenazi, CEO, Nasa Toys Panama

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See how Inxeption partner Purafil successfully pivoted into direct selling

In this webinar, learn why our Commerce Partner believes “having an online platform is absolutely critical post-COVID.”

See why Inxeption is a technology leader in logistics

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“Our Distributor EasyOrder Portal delivers dramatic value, fast. Our average book-to-ship days dropped 46%.”

——The CFO of a $50 million manufacturing company

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Our customers work at car dealerships. They order our products regularly, but it’s not fun to order five rolls of seat covers. They would much rather be on the floor selling cars. The easier we can make the ordering process, the happier our customers will be. With Inxeption EasyOrder, our customers can quickly order the same products over and over, and get back to selling cars.”

Dan Wise

President of Guardian Products uses Inxeption’s digital order-entry service so customers can re-order faster and easier.

See the power of digital transformation.

The CEO of heavy-duty equipment maker Altec views I-commerce as an essential tool for doing business today.

Inxeption is a game-changer for companies who can benefit from having a fully digital channel… Inxeption’s approach is really low code. It’s much simpler than anything we have seen before. And yet thanks to blockchain there is security and accountability.”

Mike Nevens

Silicon Valley investor and former McKinsey & Co Technology Practice Global Leader

Inxeption takes the hassle out of shipping so you can get down to business.”

Jim Seitzer

CEO of Bandbell uses Inxeption’s logistic services to deliver Bandbell products to customers