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The History of Inxeption

Industrial Commerce pioneer Inxeption Corp. was founded in 2017 by three veteran software entrepreneurs—Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Terry Garnett.

They combine decades of experience as innovators with a deep understanding of the challenges millions of businesses face making, selling, and shipping industrial products.

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Who we are. What we do.

Inxeption is a cloud-based digital commerce software platform designed for B2B companies. We have pioneered Industrial- or I-commerce, which combines online selling, logistics, and financial services on one platform. Other ecommerce solutions offer basic online selling capability for consumer products, but they often take hefty fees without addressing B2B product and ordering complexity or offering a full slate of integrated services critical to 21st century success. Those include: data transparency, merchant cash advances and customer payment plans, online marketing services, and flat-rate shipping. That is why our more than 250 customers are now completing 100,000 transactions monthly on our platform. It’s also why we project that the total commercial value of the goods exchanged on our platform will exceed $3 billion in 2021.

Inxeption’s mission is to help companies of every size digitally optimize all critical aspects of their businesses. We use advanced technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, but our customers do not need experience with or even an understanding of these technologies to utilize the platform. In fact, we can launch a basic online store or a digital order entry portal in days, providing improved efficiency and data transparency immediately. Unlike most enterprise system integrations, Inxeption offers incremental adoption flexibility, with a core database that becomes more powerful and efficient with each additional service Inxeption provides and each new product line a customer adds to the platform.

Do Business Better.

The power of Inxeption is that it stores product information such as specifications, photos, and pricing in a secure database called the Inxeption Ledger. This product-centric approach creates a platform that overcomes one of the most challenging threats businesses face today when they try to sell online. Third-party digital marketplaces like Amazon or Shopify also help partners sell online—but with hidden costs. They rent partners a shopfront in their marketplaces, where, as landlords, they also see all product data and every customer that goes in and out and may use this visibility to compete with their own partners.

Instead, Inxeption commerce partners get their own discrete, secure, and custom environment; it is a standalone digital entity, a single-dashboard command center where the partner can market, sell, and process and ship orders using our award-winning logistics service.* At all times, our commerce partner remains in control of customer data.

Today, an ever-growing number of Inxeption Commerce Partners in diverse industries are digitally transforming their selling channels and gaining

  • Predictable flat-rate pricing for all shipping modes
  • Transaction financing
  • Optimized international logistics
  • Superior shipping protection
  • Expert digital marketing campaigns using ad words, email, and social media
  • Access to packaging partners with ability to supply high-demand products
  • In-cart contract negotiation and execution
  • A Better Buyer program designed to promote and enable commerce between platform users with minimal friction and at preferred pricing

In 2020, Inxeption helped a wide variety of partners pivot in the face of economic disruption by enabling rapid creation of new selling channels for companies that had been distributor-only. Inxeption customers in industries ranging from air purification, to industrial paper and packaging, to solar power, to the booming personal exercise and recreation consumer product sectors found exciting growth opportunities online. As more buyers shifted to online search for shopping and buying, Inxeption commerce partners were able to capture direct sales to end users with incentives like “free shipping” made possible with our predictable pricing approach.

Inxeption is building a community of digitally empowered companies that grows more powerful with the addition of each and every new partner. This community is energized by Inxeption’s challenge: Let’s Do Business Better.

*In 2020, Inxeption was named a Top 3PL technology solution provider by Logistics Tech Outlook.


Inxeption’s mission is to help our customers Do Business Better. We are the pioneer of Industrial Commerce, which combines online selling, logistics, and financial services on one platform. Ultimately, our goal is to enable dynamic business communities that promote innovation, collaboration, and pride in craftsmanship.

We hold these organizational values:

We are advocates for our customers, whom we call Commerce Partners. We strive to make them successful.

We do not compete with our Commerce Partners. Unlike other commerce platforms we do not mine customer data so that we can sell products or services that would be considered competitive.

We follow federal, state, and local laws designed to protect data privacy.

Because commercial platforms evolve and we are constantly adding new services and capabilities, we believe it’s important to be transparent. When we change our terms and conditions, we will clearly state what has changed in a timely and straightforward fashion.

Inxeption is committed to doing business in an ethical, honest, lawful, and respectful way.

We encourage every person who works at or with Inxeption on a full, part-time, or contract basis, to embrace our values. If in doubt about how to behave or go forward in a specific situation, always seek clarification from your manager. If a situation concerning you involves your manager, or you do not feel the manager is taking your issue seriously, employees are encouraged to escalate to the next level of management. For more detailed information about our Code of Ethics, Inxeption employees should consult their Trinet Workplace Employee Handbook.

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I would definitely recommend Inxeption to other people who are looking to make a change or to streamline. I think the price is good for a small business.

- Todd Boulanger, The Rope Trainer

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We don't have an IT department or a marketing department, so Inxeption has really helped us step-by-step to be able to build the website that leads us where we need to be going.

- Tara Mallon, McAllister Retail

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We wanted to make our customer feel more comfortable purchasing online and the ability to add or subtract discounts and adjust shipping is great. There are a lot of advantages to using the platform.

- Joe Aul, Aul Bat Company