The Inxeption Story

The leader in industrial commerce

Inxeption is digitizing the global Industrial Commerce value chain through vertical marketplaces for supply chain, powered by a robust industrial search engine and digital infrastructure platform. With Inxeption, suppliers operate a more efficient and connected sales channel, and buyers gain access to vetted sellers, procurement financing and streamlined order fulfillment.

Doing business better from the beginning

Three veteran software entrepreneurs - Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore, and Terry Garnett - founded Inxeption on the manufacturing floor of Noribachi, an LED lighting company. It was 2017, and the founders were burdened by the Industrial Commerce status quo: the manual building of purchase and sales orders that were disconnected from downstream fulfillment processes. Seeing an endemic issue in the industry, they started creating the first release of Inxeption, which brought these industrial transactions online.

A history of innovation & challenging the norm

Inxeption's founders have long been associated with startups and technology. Farzad Dibachi, Mark Moore and Terry Garnett first worked together in the early days of Oracle, where Farzad helped pioneer networking computing. Mark was part of the Oracle Database Kernel Development team,which built the modern version of the Oracle database. Terry served on the Executive Management Committee at Oracle.

In 1998, Farzad brought Mark and Terry together again to start the Niku Corporation, an IT management and governance software company. Farzad and his team took Niku public on NASDAQ two years later. Niku's value tripled on its first day as a public company. Farzad stepped down as Niku's chairman, CEO and president in 2005 when Computer Associates acquired the company for $350 million.

Farzad began another business in 2012 - this time with his wife, Rhonda. Noribachi, a custom LED lighting manufacturer specializing in industrial and commercial applications, became the fastest growing LED lighting companies in North America.

Farzad Dibachi

CEO & Co-Founder


Farzad Dibachi was the founding CEO of a series of innovative software companies including Diba and Niku (which Goldman Sachs took public in a $7 billion IPO) as well as the LED manufacturing company Noribachi.

He began his career at Oracle Corporation, where he rose to senior vice president of Oracle's New Media Division, and he led product development and marketing teams that created the fundamental infrastructure needed to digitize content and distribute it online. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a B.A. in computer science from San Jose State University.

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Executive Team

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Co-Founder, CEO, Inxeption Analytics & Application Services

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Brian DeCenzo

Brian DeCenzo

President and Chief Financial Officer

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Board of Directors

Rhonda Dibachi

Rhonda Dibachi


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Ken Goldman

Ken Goldman

Chairman, Audit Committee

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John Thompson

John Thompson

Board Member

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Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders

Board Member

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