Your product catalog: Digitized

  • Customize your listings
  • Create infinite variants
  • Sell online

Transform your offline product catalog into online product listings ready for purchase!

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Your sales channels: Customized

  • Create invite-only marketplaces for your best customers
  • Create pre-set fulfillment rules across sales channels

Create public and private marketplaces each with unique products, prices, and fulfillment rules! Once a product has been listed, it can be copied to different sales channels in just a few clicks.

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Your operations: Streamlined

  • Fulfill truckload, LTL, international container, and parcel orders
  • Negotiate & execute complex POs in real-time
  • Analytics to inform your decisions
  • Create & manage extended payment terms programs

Fulfill orders, perform credit checks, advertise, negotiate complex Purchase Order deals, and launch extended terms programs on one platform!

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Your audience: Expanded

  • Advertise with Inxeption
  • Use our audience database
  • Create a campaign
  • Review performance

New customers are hiding in plain sight. Use Inxeption’s audience builder and advertising engine to find new customers across the globe.

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Opt-out of Marketing Campaigns

At Inxeption, we believe in giving you the power to control your email preferences. We understand that your inbox can get cluttered, and we want to make sure you only receive emails that matter to you.

Once you click "Opt-Out," we will respect your choice and ensure you no longer receive emails from this specific source. This helps us improve our communication with you.

We value your privacy, and we want to be transparent about our data practices. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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