Once you're approved...

  • Immediately get access to extended terms every time you add an eligible product to your cart
  • Easily see the cost of financing on a percentage basis
  • Analyze which orders were made on credit and when payments are due

Who it's for

  1. Industrial businesses at least 1 year old
  2. No previous bankruptcy
  3. Any company legal structure (except sole proprietorship)

What makes it great

  1. Improve your working capital cycle and match your cash flows
  2. Use extended payment terms embedded at checkout on Inxeption.com
  3. Increase your limit as you grow
  4. Monitor your usage via your Inxeption Account

How it works

  1. Complete your online application
  2. Receive a credit decision via email
  3. Receive invite to login to your Inxeption Account if approved
  4. Start buying with terms on Inxeption.com (your credit limit is automatically tracked once you log in!)

Inxeption engages Oat Financial, Inc. to assist in the credit approval process. Commerce Partner consents to Inxeption and/or OatFi obtaining credit and other information regarding Commerce Partner’s creditworthiness from credit reporting agencies and other sources Inxeption or OatFi deem appropriate in considering Commerce Partner’s application. Commerce Partner consents to information that it provides in connection with this application being shared with OatFi and further consents to Inxeption sharing transactional and other data related to Commerce Partner with OatFi for purposes of evaluating Commerce Partner’s application. All decisions with respect to Commerce Partner’s application shall be in the sole discretion of Inxeption and/or OatFi.

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